Overcome Fear of Death
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Spouse Stories
Overcome Fear of a Spouse Dying

Feb 24, 2004

Today as I played for a man who was dying, his wife, June, confided to me that she had died once and been resuscitated. Her heart had stopped. Instantly June was in this beautiful meadow of flowers and her sister was there. “We’ve been waiting so long for you!” her sister welcomed her. Instantaneously, June appeared back in her body from the resuscitation. June now has no fear of death for her husband or herself, because she’s seen enough of heaven to have a hint of the joy that awaits her.

Carol's mother died and her dad, Erv, began to decline quickly. She and her husband brought Erv to live with them. As Erv continued to fade Carol noticed that every morning when they would wake their home would be filled the scent of cooking oatmeal. No one was making oatmeal, but Carol's mom used to make it every morning.

Carol said she couldn't really figure out how this fit with her Christian faith, and I reminded her, "Well, it does say in the Bible that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses."

"Yes, that was my one thought, too," she agreed.

Carol continued her story: "One morning, with the scent of oatmeal permeating the house again, my Dad told me, 'Mom came to me last night and she told me she'd be coming to bring me home soon.' "

"I thought, this has got to be my mom visiting!

So I said, 'Mom...I know that you are concerned about Dad, but we'll take really good care of him and keep him right here with us.' After that the scent didn't come anymore."

"Then, on the day my dad ended up dying, he called me to his side. 'Mom came to me again last night,' he confided. 'She told me it would not be her coming to bring me home. It will be Jesus.'"

"My husband and I are both very sound sleepers and my Dad had never wakened us at night, but that night, at 2 a.m., my husband and I simultaneously sat straight up in bed! We felt the presence of the Lord in our house. We ran down the stairs and my Dad must have just let out his last breath because he still had oxygen in his lungs. And I KNOW Jesus came for him because we felt his presence unmistakably!"

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